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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knitley Road: Knitted coffee cup cozies

I’ve knit these up in the past and made coffee-themed gift cards for the Latte Love gift sets for A Paper Buffet, and I’ll likely end up selling these in both stores this upcoming Christmas. Coffee cozies are eco-friendly  (no need for a double-cup) and a great way to keep your hands from burning on your hot beverages.

I want Knitley Road items to stand out from other knit items available on Etsy, so I doubled up the yarn and played with colour for these knit coffee cup sleeves/cozies/whatever we call them now.

This super girly bubble-gum pink knit coffee sleeve was knit with two shades of pink. I knit it in the round for a seamless sleeve and choose a ribbed stitch to keep it stretchy so it can accommodate different sized cups. I personally prefer this side of the pattern, which is technically the ‘wrong’ side, but I love all the waves the purl stitch makes. 


Here’s the “right” side:

I weaved the ends in carefully along the bound off edge, so you really can reverse this and use both sides.



The next one might be my favourite, I mixed teal and orange; I’m really loving this colour combo!

I used the same pattern and again I really prefer this side but again, the cozy is reversible.

The cozies are knit with acrylic yarn making them easy to toss in the washing machine- though I’d recommend putting it in a small mesh laundry bag or hand wash them.





These cozies are available here at Knitley Road on Etsy.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Introducing Knitley Road

Hello friends, I’d like to share with you the reason why I’ve been away from blogging for so long…I’ve opened up a new shop for my knitted creations.

Introducing Knitley Road!  I’ve got a small number of items in the shop now and I’m working on creating more.  I’m also trying to find a balance between knitting and playing with paper.  Knitting takes much longer!

My vision for Knitley Road is accessories such as scarves, purses, brooches, mitts and a few other things I have in mindI’m also going to feature some amazing yarn to make my creations; quite a bit of it has been imported from Italy and it’s just amazing!

Each day this week I’ll feature a set of items in the shop and over time, I’ll be sharing my WIP (work-in-progress) here on the blog.  Knitley Road does have it’s own Facebook page, but the blog will be shared between A Paper Buffet and Knitley Road.

First up, are some knit flower brooches.  These are made from 100% Egyptian cotton made in Italy, and is super soft.  I bought a few balls in different colours to try them out, I usually don’t knit with cotton.  But this knits up really well, and I have some ideas for new patterns and projects using this yarn.


Here’s the denim blue flower.  I’ve knit each layer and then chosen a small rhinestone button for the centre

(click the picture to be taken to the link in the shop)





Here’s the grey flower, it’s like a dark slate grey.






Here’s a soft lilac flower, featuring a pearl and rhinestone button in the centre. I think I’m going to take some new pictures of this one, it was hard to photograph that day.






Each of these brooches look really great on a coat, scarf or even your favourite purse.










And all brooches have a locking bar pin on the back that’s been sewn onto a small small felt backing so it’s nice and secure.

Each brooch ships in a small gift box, so it’s perfect for gift giving.


You can shop these knit flower brooches here.


Happy Tuesday!

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