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Friday, February 27, 2009

Foto Friday # 7- My Godson Ethan

I'm taking this Foto Friday to gush about my Godson Ethan, so bear with me :) I've never been a Godparent before, so it's all new and exciting!

I met Ethan this past Wednesday for the first time, I was in the area on business, so when work was done, I went to visit Ethan and his mom K, (his dad was at work). Ethan is just over 5 weeks old and absolutely beautiful!!

K is a childhood best friend, I've known her since I was 4 years old, and met when my parents moved to the neighborhood they still live in. K is a few years older than I am, but we bonded quickly, and hung out all the time. K moved away after college and we lost touch for a little while...you know, that thing 'life' getting in the way...but reconnected one Christmas at a local bar when she had come home and announced she was engaged! We spoke the next day on the phone and it was like we had never been apart. I attended her wedding to C 5 years ago and we've been close again since then. I was so happy for C and K when they announced they were expecting and was thrilled when they asked if I would be Ethan's Godmum. How lucky I am to have a friend for almost 23 years now, it's absolutely incredible.

Ethan was sleeping when I arrived, woke up for a bit to say hello, and then cuddled into my shoulder for another little nap.

There are no words...other than I love him.

Happy Friday,

Ciao for now,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day: How do YOU deal?

Today was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. There's no need to go into details, it was just not a good day. Everyone has them, they're bound to occur.
Much of what I do at work is assisting or rather reminding people, that stress is subjective, and you may not have control over what happens to you, but you DO have control over how you react to what happens to you.
So, today as I drove to a meeting, I did what I usually do when I'm having a bad day...drown my sorrows in angry music. I blare it as loud as I can stand it. I'm the car that pulls up next to you at the light and the car is shaking.
My angry music varies, but it MUST contain guitar, drums and/or heavy bass. Today I grabbed my Big Wreck cd (a Canadian band that I love, but unfortunately is not together anymore)...and cranked my favourite song " the Oaf". It has a guitar solo that caused me to want to learn to play guitar ( I did learn to play, but I have not gotten to the point where I could even attempt to play that solo). Big Wreck's album "In Loving Memory..." has some great music and it's what I turn to first on a bad day.
You can watch the video for "the Oaf" here
So what do you do on your Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad days? Do you have angry music of your own? A favourite movie? a special treat? (some Ben & Jerry's also sounds good right about now).
I wish you all a Wonderful, Fantastic, all Good, very Great evening!
Ciao for now,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TTIC #20- Italia

Viva Italia!! I'm so excited about this week's Twilighttuesday.com challenge!! The challenge has to do with all thing Italian, as part of the Twilight saga takes place in Italy, and involves the Volturi. The comment portion of the challenge asks:

"... have been to Italy? What did you like best about it? Have you been to Volterra? And what are you hoping the director of New Moon captures about Italy in the movie?"

Yes, I can finally say I've been to Italy. I am half Italian, my mother was born in Valdagno, a small mountain town in the Northern part of Italy close to Venezia (Venice). If you've been following my little blog, you have heard me mention before that we took a month long family vacation in September, spending two weeks in Italy, and the remainder of our two weeks in Austria, Germany and France.

We spent our time in Northern Italy, starting in Rome, then to the Amalfi coast, up to Florence, Pisa, Lucca, over to Vicenza and Valdagno to visit with family and then we finished in Venice. It's incredibly hard to answer which location I loved the best, each city or town presented something new and different and each time we arrived somewhere new I said "this is it, it's my favourite place". The food, the wine, the culture, the music, the men...Mamma Mia! Que bello!

I often find myself muttering under my breath in Italian when angry or frustrated, and recently I caught myself continuely saying "for why?" when asking a question. I realized that I was translating from Italian---'per que?' literally means "for why" in english...funny, eh? One other thing that stands out from my Italian classes is when my Professor, who arrived from Rome just before the semester started, was explaining reflexive verbs to the class. We had some people who were very literal thinkers, and couldn't seem to grasp reflexive verbs without a direct English translation. So the lesson about the verb "piacere" - "to like" became this:

"Tu, mi piace"-- means " you,... I like" {*said like Joey from Friends saying "how you doinnn?"}

You would never actually say this to someone if you did like them, but it soon became the motto for the class. Try it, people will be impressed. :) if nothing else, they will laugh.

Sorry for the sidebar- to continue with the challenge question- No, I have not yet been to Volterra, although I have been in the Tuscany region (Pisa, Lucca) and I imagine it to be quite similar. What am I hoping that New Moon captures while in Italy? I haven't really thought about that, I'm worried about how they're going to make the movie and release it so fast, the details about Italy aren't in the forefront of my worries.

And for the crafty challenge,....I'm bringing you to Italy. Or rather, I'm bringing Italy to you. I have FINALLY found a way to share my videos of my pictures (my friends at twilighttuesday know how much I've whined about this).

So please, pour yourself un vetro di vino (a glass of wine) e corsa in Italia (and travel to Italy)

My first video is of Rome and you can watch it here.

Up next is the Amalfi Coast, including Minori, Capri and Pompeii. You can watch it here.

And last but not least, is a tour through Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Vicenza, Valdagno, and Venice. You can watch it here.

*Instructions* these links are for the instant video. If you see a screen like this:

Click on the Red play button in the middle, not the 'play now' yellow button below.

Make sure to check out twilighttuesday.com and all the other submissions.

Buon Viaggio (have a good trip!) et bouna notte (and good night)

Ciao for now,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring has sprung!...at least in my stamping room it has

As the snow falls outside my window, I decided to bring a little Spring to my stamping room. A few different things inspired this card. Taylor's sketch for this week's challenge provided the layout. Initially I was going to make a birthday card- I've had an offline order for one of my Oh Shoot Card Kits and needed some birthday cards to go inside.

However, yesterday, I was asked by Natasha at Doodlestar on Etsy to participate in her ThursdaySweetTreat features. Of course I said Yes! She posts a theme every Friday, and you have until the following Wednesday to submit them to her, and she'll post them on Thursdays. It's a great way to keep the inspiration flowing! This week's theme is "Let Beauty Rain Down Upon...". You can check out more at her blog here and make sure you check it out every Thursday to see all the featured artists and what they've put together (I've added a button on the side of my blog, so you can use that as well).

The rain theme had me stumped...although it shouldn't have. I love the rain. Summer rain is my favourite and if a thunderstorm goes with it, all the better. I love the smell of rain, and the smell of the earth and my garden after the rain. The garden is really what inspired this card...after all "April showers bring May flowers".

This card has a few 'firsts'... this is the first time I've ever made a card this big! It measures 5.5" by 5.5", but needed to be this big because of the Tulip panels. I also used watercolour paper for the first time, and I really like it. I've been quite envious of the 'distressed' look on some wonderful cards I've seen lately, and used a nail file to sand down the edges on all the papers. I wanted this card to be soft and I'm happy with how it turned out.

I originally had planned to stamp the word 'spring' on a tag and attach with a ribbon across the front to stay in line with Taylor's sketch, but then realized 'spring' could be split up evenly across the three panels.

Just a quick post for me today, still trying to figure out all my computer woes on my primary computer and I'm going to watch the Oscars tonight, so I definitely can't miss the pre-show!

Make sure to check out Taylor's sketch and Thursdaysweettreats!

Happy Sunday!

Ciao for now,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Chat with the Easter Bunny

Imagine my surprise when I answered the phone and it was the Easter Bunny calling me!! He called last night while I was stamping; it was perfect timing because I was just finishing up one of my new Easter cards. somebunny1I was putting the final touches on this card, making sure the pattern paper was just right and the paper punches looked good (I used some fantastic Basic Grey paper that I won in my TwilightTuesday.com blog candy). This card is now available in my Etsy shop.

We had a good chat, the Easter bunny and I. He said he was getting ready for Easter, he was just starting to get busy, with the eggs, and the chocolate. But he did sound a little…, well, off. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he’s in a little rut. You know, a routine. He wanted to shake things up this year and asked me for some help. Of course I didn’t want to disappoint him, so after some pondering, I had the perfect idea. Puzzles!! who doesn’t love a puzzle??


I hauled out my favourite Easter stamp by the Artful Stamper, a wonderful local company and got to work. I added some green grass and masked the bunny so it looks like he’s sitting in a field. Sponged some blue sky and added my sentiment. I thought it needed a little pizzazz, so I added some MS fine white glitter to his tail.


I couldn’t resist trying the puzzle myself.


I called the Easter bunny right back and told him I had something unique for him to hand out this year. Don’t be left out! You can get your very own puzzle Easter card in my Etsy shop, just click here.

I do have one more project for my dear friend the Easter bunny, I’ll be working on that over the next little while and let you know.

Happy Saturday!!

Ciao for now,

Friday, February 20, 2009

Foto Friday # 6- San Francisco California


TGIF!!! This week, even with the holiday has been jam packed! Work is picking up and I’ve been quite tired at the end of the day so I haven't been very motivated to do any stamping. I did have a nice visit with two of the nurses I worked with a few years back, we still keep in touch.

The weather in London has been quite dreary this week. We often share weather with our sister city in Britain-RAIN! Rain in February is quite odd, it melted all 4 ft of our snow and now the Thames is running over its banks; city parks are flooded, as are basements, I’m sure. These are the times I’m thankful I live in an apartment building. Today brought high winds and a bit of snow, but they’re calling for more rain and possibly a thunderstorm for tomorrow (I love thunderstorms, so I wouldn’t mind).

I thought some nice palm trees and sunshine would be nice to look at, so I’m going to share some photos from my trip to San Francisco. I went with a friend in August of 2007, and we’re planning to go back to California this August.

As with my pictures from New York, I picked my top 5 from San Fran and had them enlarged and framed- they take up the main wall in the hallway of my apartment. I’ve picked those and a few more to share with you today.

Fisherman’s Wharf


These are some giant steel statues, they’re found all over San Fran, some were lying on top of buildings. These were by the waterfront, the Bay Bridge is in the background. This picture was taken from the top of the double decker bus, to give you some sense of size.DSC01456

The Golden Gate bridge, from the Sausalito side. DSC01769I should tell you I have a terrible phobia of bridges. It’s irrational and I’m not sure how it developed, but I was a wreck crossing this bridge. On the way back, the fog came in (it’s incredible how fast fog rolls in, if you’ve ever been to San Fran, you know what I mean) and I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. That terrified me as I thought the driver also couldn’t see, and I was convinced we were going to crash into something or drive right off the bridge. Irrational, I told you. I survived the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges in NYC, but that was nothing compared to the Golden Gate. You’re at the mouth of the bay at the Pacific Ocean; it’s incredibly windy and you’re very high above the water. I tried to distract myself from my fear by taking a video as we crossed, but the fear consumed me and the video is of my feet for most of it, ha-ha! I can laugh now, but it was not funny then!!

Here’s a video of us approaching the bridge, you can see how windy it is…turn off the sound, it’s just static

Postcard Row (taken from the park in the opening shot of Full House)DSC01940

These Hearts are all over San Francisco. This is in Union Square, the ‘Fifth Avenue’ of San Fran if you will…our hotel was only a block away…can you tell this was a vacation with lots of shopping in mind??


AT & T Park, drinking water American beer in my Barry Bonds cup.


If I remember correctly this is city hall…it’s Earthquake proof because it actually hovers above the ground by approximately 1”. You can see a gap between the bottom of the building and the ground, but from the bus it was hard to take a picture, and this wasn’t a tour stop.DSC01498

Cell in Alcatraz. This was a freaky place when you stopped to think about it. It also smelled, it’s now a bird sanctuary and you can imagine how many seagulls live here.DSC01599

Lombard street, the turns really are at 45 degrees. And these are people’s houses here! cars line up at the top for a chance to drive down. Nothing on TV can actually capture how steep some of the hills really are.DSC01870

The famous street car.IMG_1025 We rode the street car, only once because it’s very expensive ($5.00 one way!) and coincidentally the day we chose for our street car adventure was “Spare the Air” day in California, which meant public transportation was free. So the cars were jammed packed! As I said, there’s no way for a picture or film footage to capture how steep San Fran streets really are. The only thing stopping you from careening uncontrollably down a 45 degree slope is a giant man, the size of a San Francisco Giants linebacker, pulling a handbrake as tall as he is from the floor in the car. I don’t care how lovely it looks on TV, you could NOT PAY me to hang off the side of the street car. It was terrifying!! but an experience nonetheless.

Happy Friday!!

Ciao for now,

PS- for my TwilightTuesday.com friends, we connected through Pheonix, here's the airport, you really could get lost, or lose a few vampires in that place ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TTIC # 19: Villains

image This week’s TwilightTuesday.com challenge is about Villains.  The comment portion asks about your reactions to the villains, if they scare you or don’t scare you, etc.

Others have commented about this particular villain, and I agree 100% the villain that scares me the most is Jane.  Her power of controlling your mind to create the most unimaginable amount of pain is simply terrifying to me.  In my day to day job, I consistently interact with clients who have chronic pain and are learning to cope with it.  The mind is an incredibly powerful thing; there are techniques and strategies used to create that “mind-over-matter'” state of being when living with chronic pain, and you’re only as successful as you want to be.  Jane’s ability to manipulate the brain’s perception of pain is a very scary thought, mostly in part because it exists, --granted, not to that extent or is it transferrable to other people.

I thought long and hard about what I would do for the crafty challenge, and I came up with a ‘calling’ card for Jane…you know, the type “cat burglars” leave in old movies to let you know you’ve been hit?

Jane is constantly and quite desperately looking for Aro’s approval and I have no doubt that she wants everyone to know what she’s capable of, and would absolutely leave her ‘mark’ with a calling card if she could.

TTIC19.2 I used some scraps of paper, so both cards are slightly different in size.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I found this Halloween stamp in the Michael’s $1 bin a few years back and had to have it.  Although Jane is technically a vampire…she’s more like a witch to me ;)

I stamped the image in my versa mark pad, and heat embossed with black embossing powder.  I signed Jane’s name with my Sharpie marker.


So what villain are you afraid of?

Make sure to check out all the submissions at TwilightTuesday.com!

Ciao for now,


Sunday, February 15, 2009

My new Rule and a TECC55 entry

TECC55.5 I made myself a new rule when it comes to making my cards; for every card I make with my favourite black & white combo, I have to make another card with colour. I’m making this public knowledge so I stick to it…and feel free to remind me every once and a while ;)

I read in a magazine that Yellow and Grey is THE colour combo for this spring. So I decided to give it a whirl while completing Taylor’s Cupcake Challenge this week. I received my new Unity spring stamps in the mail this week, and since the weather in London has been rainy and snow for the past few days, I decided I needed some spring and it was time to ink them up. I also made a black and white card and had to abide my new rule! (I’ll show you that one in a imagesecond…)

Here’s my entry:


I used some paper from my “Me and My Big Ideas” DP pad, and the Unity “itty bitty Easter Blessings” tulip. I love that set and can’t wait to ink the rest of the stamps. I’m proud of this card for two reasons: 1) I’ve never been good at mosaic type cards and 2) I hate yellow. I don’t know why, I know it’s supposed to be bright and cheery and happy, but I’m not a fan. I will say, I do like this grey and yellow combo, but I can’t promise I’ll be rushing out to change my entire wardrobe to this colour palette (bare with me, I know the picture doesn’t really show the grey paper, I’m still learning how to use my new Ott light and my camera).

And here’s the reason for the new rule, this was the first card I made this weekend:


I used some of that fabulous paper I received in my TwilightTuesday blog candy. I bought some white paper flowers last week at my local stamping store, and then added the red flower just as an accent. I think I use the black and white combo so often because it’s classic, and well….safe. BUT, I’m trying to expand my horizons, which is why I’m going to stick to this new rule of mine.

The sentiment from this card is SU, and is one of my favshand5

I’m going to call it the end of my crafty day, and continue my movie-marathon from yesterday. Tomorrow’s a holiday and I’ve got some more crafty ideas in my head, so I’ll be back then :)

Happy Sunday!

Ciao for now,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine’s card inspired by…soap? Etsy Seller Feature: Savor

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and here’s how a Valentine’s card was inspired by soap.

I was cruising Etsy and I stumbled upon some “Princess Bride Soap” and decided, since the soap shares the name and is inspired by my favourite movie, I had to have it. I started looking at the rest of Savor’s products and I found this:

“My Boyfriend's Tshirt -- Olive Oil Soap
Scent:Such a perfect blend of fresh linen with a small dash of cologne -- comforting, tomboy-ish and enveloping!
It reminds me of a lovingly worn, favorite t-shirt -- something you "borrowed" from your boyfriend and like to snuggle up in at night :)” Savor

How perfect! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the smell of a guy wearing cologne and a clean shirt? {it may not happen often, right? ;)}

I thought this would be a perfect Valentine’s gift for my single girl-friends, and I bought one for me too :)

And so…this soap inspired this Valentine’s day card:


I took the green colour from the soap and added a few different shades and some brown accents. The card base is Bazzil Mudpie with Bazzil Capers and Pale Verde as the greens. I used a white piece of card stock and sponged SU Old Olive, and Mellow Moss, with SU Chocolate chip around the edges as the background/frame of the T-shirt. I drew the T-shirt on white cardstock and cut it out, sponged it in Old Olive and Mellow Moss and then mounted with dimensionals. I used my trusty computer for the sentiment, my oval punch and my Crop-o-dile to set the eyelets; some brown ribbon to finish it off.

Now I needed a message for the inside of my card…hmm, the smell of a boy, without a boy…ah-ha!

“My Boyfriends- T-shirt…


Without the boyfriend drama!!”

Both of the recipients loved their presents, one even asked if it was a packaged deal because the card matched the soap! Me?? BUY a card?? That’s TREASON! (unless it's another handmade card, of course).

Savor has a lovely shop with wonderful products. This soap smells fantastic and makes your skin nice and soft. I have yet to use my Princess Bride soap, I’m saving it, although I’m not sure for what, lol.

Here’s the story behind Savor, taken (with permission) from their Etsy shop:

“Savor is run by a wife and husband team of soapmakers: Lisa, a full-time computer tech and and Mike, a full-time operations analyst. We work in San Francisco and many of our soap photos are taken downtown. We live just outside of San Francisco and love to source our ingredients locally whenever possible.”

Make sure to check out their Etsy shop and their website: http://savorsoap.com and join their mailing list for specials and updates.

I think next on my Savor shopping list will be their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Crème Fresh- whipped soap… it looks good enough to eat!

I highly recommend Savor, Lisa was such a delight to deal with, and helped me put together a custom order AND she offers flat shipping on a wide range of her products. I will definitely be going back.

♥ Happy Valentine’s day! ♥

*product photos gently borrowed from Savor.etsy.com*

Ciao for now,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Foto Friday # 5- European Wedding Pictures

September seemed to be a busy wedding month in Europe; in a number of cities we saw a Bride and Groom, mostly out taking their wedding pictures.

In honour of Valentine’s day tomorrow, here are some wedding pictures from Europe.

Berlin, GermanyDSC05744

Rome, Italy


What could be more romantic than having your wedding pictures taken on the Spanish Steps in Rome?…

Getting married at the Cathedral in Piazza San Marco, Venice; and then crossing the Piazza to your reception with a full orchestra…


Happy Friday,

Ciao for now,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A mid-blog crisis?

I've been struggling with the look of my blog for...well, since I started. I keep trying new things, formats, fonts, layouts, etc. After some very frustrating rounds with some photo editing programs, I decided to take the easy way out, and check out some pre-fabbed stuff online. I found the header and the background at thecutestblogontheblock. The background is The Madison and is really for a 3 column blog, (which one day I might try again, but I thought it looked too cramped) so all you see is the polka dots, and I kinda like it like that.

I'm really not going for a Twilight theme, which is what black, red, and white seem to signify these days. I love the classic look of these 3 colours, and the damask pattern reminds me of Paris, which is my happy place.

What do you think? any suggestions? my next step is to pay someone, because I am clearly not a graphic designer.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When I opened my mailbox today…

I found my blog candy had arrived from TwilightTuesday.com!!!!

Here’s what I won:


Some absolutely delicious paper, I wish you could feel this stuff.  I tend to hoard DP so it might be a challenge, but I’m very excited to use it and I know it will be for something special.


blogcandy2And some bling!  some brads and dew drops and some flowers- I’m very excited about these because I keep making excuses NOT to buy them, telling myself I have lots of embellishments that I should use up first…but I have a feeling these might just change my mind:)  And some beautiful velvet ribbon, that will be for something special too.

And then!! I got a little surprise from Julie:  today was a foggy rainy day in London, but I had my own little spot of sunshine:



Life is better when it sparkles! ;)

A huge THANK YOU to all the ladies at TwilightTuesday.com and be sure to check out the site and the forum and play along with the challenges so YOU can get a nice blog candy delivery in the mail :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Very Punny series continued and a sketch challenge or two…or three

I must admit I’ve been feeling a little zapped by work lately, so I had planned to rest tonight. But then, the postman showed up with my Unity Stamp order, and I just couldn’t let them sit there un-inked now could I??

First up is a continuation of my Very Punny series. I have two cards I’ll be introducing into my Etsy store tomorrow. This little card is perfect for a belated birthday greeting or for those times where we have to step it up and say “I’m sorry”. It is sure to make someone giggle!berrysorry1 I stamped the strawberries in my ‘random uniform pattern’ (see previous post) and watercoloured them. I had to laugh because I whined so much about being sick of red paper because of Valentine’s day and what do I do? make a strawberry card!

The next card is part of my Very Punny series, will also be added to my Etsy store tomorrow AND is my entry for this week’s challenge over at twilightuesday.com (are you proud of me ladies- the WHOLE name!)…in order to make sure more Twilight friends can join us, we’ve been asked to be clear about where to find the challenges and forums, so I will try my best not to shorten the name :)

This weeks challenge is being hosted by Julie, and I’ve been waiting for this one! Our crafty challenge is to create a Valentine’s card that one Twilight character might give to another. I haven’t really given much thought who would give this card to whom, because I believe all the relationships in the books are deep, powerful and meaningful in their own right. Now, count yourself warned, I did make this a ‘traditional’ Twilight card, twilight_book_coverbut I really do like the bold combination of red, white and black. The apple has become a quite recognizable symbol of the series since it’s featured on the cover of the first book. So naturally, when I saw this apple in my little Stampendous stamp set, ….well, you get the connection.TTIC18lovecore2

I had planned to follow the same pattern as the other Very Punny cards, but for some reason, the apple did not look as good in a pattern, and decided to use one and my favourite Red Stickles to make it “dazzle”. These stickles always remind me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, and I have an affection for anything glitter.

The comment portion of this week’s twilighttuesday.com challenge (2 for 2!) is to talk about the couples in the book, if you relate to one, if one couple bothers you, etc. I agree with most of the ladies in that the imprinting on a baby theme threw me off. I also must admit,---I didn’t see Jacob imprinting on Renesmee until the exact moment that Bella figured it out. I yelled out loud like Bella did! As for the other couples, I can certainly understand the affection Bella has for her best-guy friend Jacob and how that line can become blurry from time to time; and I really wish we knew more about Emmett and Rosalie. I liked Emmett’s character all along, but after reading the very short 1st draft of Midnight Sun, I want to know more about Emmett, and more about his love for Rosalie. And I can’t talk about couples in Twilight without mentioning Edward and Bella; true love. ‘Nuff said.

My second challenge entry is for twilighttuesday.com’s February sketch challenge, Dani created last week. As soon as I saw the sketch I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I just had to wait until my Unity stamps arrived…. ttsc2 I made a Save the Date! announcement for Edward and Bella’s wedding, or what I think a save the date card may have looked like. We all know Alice is on the ball with this kind of stuff, so I can reasonably assume she would’ve gotten these in the mail before she had time to whip up the formal invitations. I fell in love with this stamp on the Unity website and knew immediately I wanted to use it for Save the Date cards (will be added to my Etsy shop soon). ttsc3I think this suits Bella and Edward and their home they make in the cottage. I can see Edward carving their initials so when Bella looks out the window of the cottage she can see it, forever. There seems to be some discrepancy on the actual date Edward and Bella got married; some say July, some say August. I used August 13th, as Bella admits in Eclipse that a wedding on that date only gives her a month before her 19th birthday… and she’s intent on staying 18 forever!

Oh my, this is becoming quite a heavy Twilight post….well, one more. My 3rd challenge is from last week, TwilightTuesdayInspirationChallenge#17- Jacob hosted by Beth. I mentioned last week I knew what I wanted to do, I just was unsure about how to put it all together. I still struggled a bit, but I’m happy with how it came out. I found some self-adhesive stickers I had, they are all quotes about friendship. I had about 3 that would fit with Bella’s and Jacob’s relationship, and I may still use them, but here’s my submission. TTIC17.1 I wanted it to be simple, because if Bella did give Jake a card, it would be simple and not over the top. I picked a quote that says

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”.

Edward is Bella’s entire world, and he walks out. Jake comes into her life at this point, more so than he has in the past; I think this quote is very fitting. I found a paw print stamp in one of my sets and added the subtle reference to Jake.

Make sure to check out TwilightTuesday.com to see all the other creations and have a chat.

Ciao for now,


Monday, February 9, 2009

Viva la Vida!!

First, a bit of business- I’ve been overwhelmed with the success of my lil’ Etsy store and I’m working hard on adding more cards, so please stay tuned! I’ve added two more today in my Very Punny series, the “Thanks a Melon” you saw yesterday and here’s a get well card ; I just love this little guy! what a great way to put a bug2smile on someone’s face:)bug4

Ok, now on to some other notes- the GRAMMY’s!! Did you watch?? I was glued to the TV and loved it. Most award shows can’t hold my interest and I usually give up about 10pm, but I could not stop watching.

I was so happy that Coldplay won Album of the Year as well as taking home a few more Grammy’s that I had to celebrate and have this morning’s coffee in my Viva mug I bought at the Coldplay concert in November. DSC07516 Let me just say, run to see them if they come to play near you, I can’t wait to see them again!!

I think the reason why I love the Grammy’s is the collaboration work by artists who normally would never perform together.

So here are my top 10 Grammy moments of last night:


Justin Timberlake and Rev. Al Green _45457710_timberlake_green_getty

Jaime Foxx with Smokey Robinson, Ne-Yo and the remaining member of the Four Topps Duke Fakir sang “Reach Out” and “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”


B.B.King with John Mayer and Keith Urban in a tribute to Bo-Didlygallery_enlarged-grammy-show-2009-photos-02082009-48

Sir Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl- A Beatle and a Foo!!




Stay- by Sugarland- and I don’t like Country, but this acoustic version was incredible!


Jennifer Hudson- what a strong woman!



Coldplay and Jay-Z


and Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline!- This song will forever remind me of my last pub-crawl in University…we were in a small Irish pub and this song came on; everyone singing along, beer sloshing all over…you just can’t beat it! gallery_enlarged-grammy-show-2009-photos-02082009-64

Also on my list were performances by Justin Timberlake and T.I.; Radiohead and Katy Perry.

It was a fantastic show…and did anyone else notice it seemed like all the men had the same black shiny jacket on?

Ciao for now,


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