Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Hop- The End

Hello friends! This is the last stop on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Hop; if you’re just starting or if you got lost along the way, here’s the list:
Not only is it the last stop in the hop, we’re marking the last movie release of the Twilight movie-series! Can you believe it’s over?! 

What’s been your favourite project so far? They are all so amazing, I got a sneak peak at a few projects last night and I was blown away at the talent these ladies have.
Breaking Dawn was my favourite book of the series, so I’m excited to see how they wrap things up in the movie. I’ve heard there’s somewhat of an ‘alternate’ ending in the movie compared to the book- let’s hope they get it right! 

I don’t have premiere tickets, but my friend D and I are in the midst of planning our night out- we’ve seen all the movies in the theatre together (with the exception of New Moon thanks to an unfortunate minor car accident).   The movies are a total guilty pleasure and we have a great night out by going to the VIP theatre where we are served drinks and dinner in our seats. Admission is limited to those of legal age, so it’s a very different experience than going to the general admission theatre with piles of screaming girls.  

There’s margaritas and giggling ladies instead: —> 

Breaking Dawn marks Bella’s transition to a vampire, and finally being completely part of the Cullen family/coven.  As Christmas is right around the corner, my project marks Bella’s first Christmas as a Cullen vampire- a vampire Christmas ornament!

I embroidered fangs in white thread and added some blood droplets.  Embroidering on a knit circle is a bit tricky; it’s hard to keep the stitches inline since the knitting, even felted, still retains some stitch definition.
The ornament is threaded with red satin ribbon, which matches the blood droplets.  

It`s a bit strange to think this whole Twilight phenomenon is ending… in a very round-about way, it has brought so many wonderful people into my life (you know who you are…TTIC holla!)
Thanks for joining us on the last Twilight movie-release blog hop. I hope you had a great time visiting with each of us.
I raise my movie-margarita glass to you…Cheers!


You are going to have SUCH a blast with your friend at the premiere! I love that you get dinner and drinks served to you! I am currently baking brownies to keep the munchies at bay! I adore your project. I am so happy you went with something knitted. And this is just so clever. I think it looks fang-tastic!!! Thank you SO much for hopping with me! Happy Twilight Day!

Have a wonderful time with friends! Your project is awesome and I love it! Thank you for sharing it. 

I love the embroidered fangs!  Such a neat idea!  Hope you have lots of fun going to the movie.:)

Love the ornament!!!!  I think it's awesome!!!!  The fangs are great!!!!!

Oh my Edward!  This made me squeal in fangtastic deliciousness!  Love that you knitted your project :-) ! 

thanks Laura- me too, I can't wait!

Thanks Carol- thanks for stopping by!

Thank YOU so much for organizing this!! :) enjoy the marathon! Those brownies would be great with my margaritas ;)

DINNER AND DRINKS!!! LUCKY!!! The ornament is such a great idea! U did a great job with the embroidery. I'm gettin ready to see Breaking Dawn right now..... woo hoo!

beautiful project! thank u for sharing.. :) cheers to you!!! im gonna missssed twi movie sigh****

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