Friday, June 24, 2011

A case of the no-mail service blues…

We’re still status quo on the postal strike/lockout.  Our members of Parliament are currently in a marathon debate session about forcing return to work legislation. I won’t get into my personal political beliefs on the matter, but I, like many other Canadians, want this to end.

I had thought the strike/lockout (and I say both because the union initiated rolling strikes when in the legal position to strike, then the company locked the workers out) would give me time to catch up on my creative endeavours.  I have a million and one ideas for the shop and for the gorgeous Japanese paper I have lying around.  Truth be told, I’m less motivated to be crafty. 

What’s the point? I can’t list the items, because I can’t sell the items, because I can’t ship the items.

I’ve come to realize that summer is a harder time for me and the shop.  My ‘real job’ usually picks up in the summer, so when I get home, I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy to cut a straight line.  When the weather is great, I often feel guilty about being indoors and end up abandoning the craft table for the patio, or the pool.  Weekends, which is typically the only time I have to be crafty, are filled with road trips, visits with friends and general summer laziness.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

The benefit to an online shop is that it’s always there.

I’m hoping I can find some motivation for some small projects ( I think it’s about time for bookmarks to make a return to the shop) to jump-start my creativity.  I miss it, but I’ve also decided to embrace the break.  There’s a reason why they say vacation leave often goes unused (not really a problem for me from my ‘real job’) but sometimes small business owners forget to take some time to recharge. 

The downside to an online shop is that it’s always there.

For now, I’m going to focus on enjoying my weekend; my Godson is coming to visit and we’re taking him to Storybook gardens, a mini (and I mean mini)-amusement park here in London.

Happy Friday!


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