Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy World Card Making Day!

I’ve been saving this card to share with you, and today, as World Card Making day, is perfect timing.  A cousin of my dad’s is getting remarried this weekend, and they are honeymooning in Hawaii.  My mom asked for a wedding card for them with a Hawaiian theme, and since the wedding was going to be casual, not too fussy.  I was completely stumped!  I searched the net for inspiration and found it after some hunting, sourcing the right paper and a few paper cuts.  Here’s a hint…origami!


Isn’t this THE cutest card!!


I folded some patterned paper into Hawaiian shirts!!

I started with the Groom’s shirt.  I took a few practice sheets (I used computer paper to practice to get the folds right, it’s about 20lb weight paper).  Then I had to find a patterned paper that 1) looked Hawaiian and 2) wasn’t too thick that I couldn’t fold it.


I think it’ll take some more practice to get pattern placement, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out.  I cut a bow tie from some teal paper, and the colours of the card base were worked around the grooms shirt.





For the bride I wanted something a bit more bride-ish.  I found some ivory patterned paper that was just the right thickness and folded a second Hawaiian shirt.  I added a string of adhesive pearls.  I found some netting in a craft box, that was probably the wrapping of a wedding favour and created a tiny veil.




I wanted the shirts to be the main focus of the card, so I kept the rest of the card quite simple.

I see so much potential for the Hawaiian shirt- the perfect thing for Father’s day or birthday cards for Dad.  You will be seeing more of the Hawaiian shirt!


I’ll be enjoying a football game and a weekend with friends as it’s my University Homecoming, so I won’t be making any cards today- but YOU can!  Get crafty!


Happy World Card Making Day!!


This is awesome!  I love the little origami shirts.:)

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