Monday, October 31, 2011

Here’s looking at you, kid.

  Happy Halloween!!  


I’ve been waiting to share this project with you for so long!  I have a circle of crafty friends and we’re located all over North America.  We keep in touch on Facebook mostly and every so often we have a Secret gift exchange.  It’s like a Secret Santa, but we do it for other holidays or for no reason at all.  I haven’t been able to participate in all of them, but we decided to have a Fall gift exchange.  We were allowed to choose if we preferred a Halloween item, or a Fall item.

I will admit, I’m not the biggest Halloween fan.  I love seeing my little Godson dressed up, but I’m not one to go to a Halloween party.  I had a project in mind for a Fall gift, but I was nervous about getting someone who wanted a Halloween item because I didn’t have any ideas!



As fate would have it, my Secret Sister requested a Halloween item.  I was up to the challenge!  Cue Pinterest!  Well, indirectly Pinterest.  I’ve avoided signing up for the site, even though I’m extremely interested since I already spend so much time online.  I was hopping through some stamp blogs for inspiration or another project and went to i {heart} to stamp for some inspiration.  Jen Del Muro is so uber talented, it’s just awesome!  I found her post from her adventures on Pinterest and her frame

I knew I had to case this frame!  I decided to add more space in between the eyes, and I excluded the banner she had created.  Even thought it’s for Halloween, I wanted to keep the frame less-holiday specific.

I picked up a wooden frame and covered it with black card stock.  I used a nail file to smooth all the edges flush with the edge of the frame.  Then I glued  down all those googley-eyes. 


  I created the flower with some green and black glitter ribbon (read: glitter everywhere) by cutting straight pieces, arranging them in a star pattern and then folding them into the middle and gluing them down.  I found a lime green paper flower, and then a giant black flat-backed rhinestone.   I sprayed the glitter ribbon with sealant so that the glitter would stop ‘spreading’.   I glued down the flower eh, voila! 


The best thing about this frame is the sound it makes when you shake it…all those googly eyes, moving about…it’s creepy and hilarious all at once!


If you celebrate Halloween, enjoy! Be safe, and have fun! 

And if you don’t celebrate Halloween, at least it’s a good TV night ;)

Happy Halloween!





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