Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Capture: The letter “L”

This week’s You Capture is all about the letter L. I really wanted to use my lomo photograph of the love sculpture in NYC I took on my trip before Christmas…but that would be cheating since I’ve already taken the picture. Looking for something with the letter L to shoot, I tripped over my laundry basket.


I hate laundry. To be honest, it has nothing to do with trucking it to the basement of the building to use the washing machines and dryers. Although I do wish this building had some sort of system to tell you when all the machines are occupied before you leave your apartment, so you don’t haul your basket down there, only to haul it up again.

I hate putting laundry away. I don’t really know why. I also hate unpacking; my sister believes it's because I don’t want to admit the vacation is over, but that doesn’t apply to putting laundry away.

It’s not unusual for clean laundry to sit in the basket until I’m ready to wear the clothes, never making it to the dresser or closet {don’t worry, most of my work clothes are dry-cleaned, so I’m not showing up at meetings with wrinkled clothes}. And sheets…who needs pressed sheets anyways? I’m terrible at folding fitted sheets, so why bother? If you come to visit, rest assured, the sheets on the guest bed are clean. Wrinkled, but clean.

I do love what was in my laundry basket this week. My favourite Jessica Simpson jeans. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit they are skinny jeans. I will not go as so far as to say they are jeggings, because they are made from denim, not stretchy cotton, and have a button and zipper fly. And real pockets. I love them. I tried them on as a joke, not thinking they’d ever look good. They make me feel stylish and sexy and make my a…well, you know what a good pair of jeans can do.

You can join in the You Capture challenge over at Beth’s blog I should be folding laundry. Ugh. Laundry.

{I know, I know, another vintage-d photo…it wasn’t my intention but when I tried it, I couldn’t resist!}


Laundry ... It's never done, and there's always more! I hate it, too. And I wish I had a pair of jeans I liked. Still looking for "the" pair.

yes, you're right, it is never ending! good luck finding 'the' pair of'll know it!

dishes I'm ok with...although I hate putting those away too. I think this problem is more widespread than I thought!

Doing Laundry right now. Nice shot

Great shot! I too hate laundry - it just never seems to end. Isn't it great how an awesome pair of jeans can make you feel?

i am loving some of JS stuff!

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