Saturday, March 26, 2011

Product Review: Fiskars Stamp Press

I had seen this product online and thought it would be great to create backgrounds, and to use with my clear stamps.  I’m a big fan of clear stamps, but depending on the size of the stamp, using a traditional clear acrylic block can be difficult at times. My LSS recently featured this product on sale, so I thought I’d give it a try.    I decided to use the damask stamp from the SU Bliss set for a recent thank you card order, and make a stamped background.

The great thing about the Fiskars stamp press is that it has grid lines, so you could easily arrange a scene of stamps.  Or you can use the grid line to stamp your images equidistance to each other.  Anything that helps me put stamps in a straight line is a great thing for me (hence why I love clear stamps; I have a hard time putting the red rubber stamps on their wooden blocks and making sure they’re straight).

The instructions tell you to place your stamp, rubber side down on your paper where you want it, place the stamp press over top and push down.  When the press rises, your stamp will have adhered to the press in your desired position.  I actually didn’t see this until after, but I didn’t think it was completely necessary, I just put my stamp in the centre of the grid, made sure it was straight and stamped.  The legs of the stamp press are foam, so they compress easily.

I used both hands to press down; I didn’t have to press hard, but this helped me ensure the pressure was evenly distributed over the whole stamp. With larger stamps, this is important to make sure the image is stamped evenly.


Here’s the finished order of cards:

I liked the stamp press, and I think it’ll come in handy for an upcoming wedding order, where I’ll be stamping the same image 100 times!

I also thought the price of the press was reasonable, considering some of the larger acrylic blocks I’ve seen are upwards of $20.

Here’s the link to the Fiskars site, where it is listed for $13.00.

Happy Saturday!

This review was not requested by Fiskars, and the opinions are my own


I love mine! It's great for the bigger stamps because it gives you more control over the stamp. And you don't feel like you're going to drop the block and ruin a perfectly good card!

that's a great point! I've ruined a few cards by dropping the block!

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