Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Capture: Technology

My mind was in overdrive thinking about this week’s You Capture challenge.  I rely on technology so much; perhaps too much.  I work from home for my ‘real’ job {client meetings are at their workplace, but I do everything else from home} and running an online business with two websites, a blog, let alone time on Twitter, Facebook, email,….blah blah blah.  I realized- I’m never unplugged.

I’m never unplugged because I have a cord, AC Adaptor or USB cord for everything.

These four alone, are just for my camera.  They’re all attached as one cord, but still!

Then are the cords for {left to right}; work cell phone AC adaptor, Bluetooth headset AC charger {ironic, isn’t it?}; work cell phone USB connector cord; an AC adaptor I think belongs to my old personal cell phone; MP3 player AC adaptor, and just outside the shot to the right is the USB end of the work cell phone cord.  Some can double for more than one device, but just a few.



I’ve also got wires to plug my MP3 player into my stereo; not to mention 2 laptop AC units for the work laptop, the camera battery chargers, my Smartphone charger and all the cords in the car for the cell phone, headset, GPS and MP3 player. 


My life is a mess of adapters, plugs, USB and micro USB cords.


Technology. What a tangled web we weave.



Love your shots. I went with a cord theme, too, but I love yours. I didn't think about all my charging cords.

A tangled web indeed - I worked for a telecoms company and spent much of that time associated with the cable manufacturing operations and I still think cables are so very messy! Great photos and a nice variation on the technology theme - a tangled web indeed.

I love the pops of color amid all the black-and-whiteness of the cords. Great shots!

This is so true! I can't over our entire drawer full of cords/plugs/adapters/chargers. It gets a little overwhelming! :D Great shots.

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