Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coaxing Spring with Cherry Blossoms

I’m so over winter.  I’m ready to shed my winter coat and put on my spring swing coat from Paris {let’s be honest, if I could wear it year round I would…just because it’s from Paris}.  I’m ready to pack away the mittens and scarves and hats for another year.  I keep hoping if I make pretty flower cards, then maybe, just maybe, Mother Nature will get the hint and it will be spring.

  I picked up this Cherry Blossom stamp at The Paper Source last year while in Chicago.  This store is pretty much my idea of heaven. Gorgeous papers, including handmade Japanese paper as far as the eye can see.

I love this stamp in many colours, it looks great stamped and gold embossed.  But I had some extra red 65 lb paper from a custom Valentine’s order and thought the red and white combo was perfect for these blank notecards.


I made the envelopes in 4Bar size, just to be a bit different and used up some white notecards.  Just a simple cherry blossom stamp on the right hand corner.

These cards could be used for anything,and are perfect to keep on hand.


I made these in a set of 6, and they are available in my Etsy store .  I’ve also made one set with a red flourish, but I think my favourites are the Cherry Blossom cards.

Here’s to Spring!

Happy {fat} Tuesday!

{I’m making cinnamon pancakes for dinner- how about you?}


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