Saturday, October 10, 2009

We now return to our reguarly scheduled programming

Hi folks!
Well, it's been pretty quiet around here for a few reasons 1) main computer had a corrupt registry and I had to wait for the manufacturer to send me the backup disks so I could reformat it. Big thanks to C (Ethan's dad) for walking me through the process! and 2) a very busy work week with quite a bit of travel and overnight trips.

With the home/main computer up and running,...almost; I'm still one-by-one reloading the printer, and specific programs I had on there I should be back to regular posting next week.

I had planned to fool you and resume posting this past Thursday, but it's Canadian Thanksgiving and as I was on the train about to start up the laptop to write my post...I realized my jump drive with all my project pictures was safely sitting on my desk in London.

I'm at my parents' house now; yesterday my sister and I made the typically 4 hour drive up...and it became a 7 hour drive. We lamented over the odometer which told us in a measly 4 hours we had traveled an even more measly 160 km. That's an average of 40 km/hr. A permanent school zone.

A combination of sheer volume of traffic, and an unsightly accident (it appeared no one was seriously hurt, but my theory is a trailer with 2 kayaks and 2 canoes unhooked from the RV that was towing it and rolled into a Mazda 3, which was then subsequently rear ended. Canoes and kayaks all over a 4 lane highway) created the delays.

Onto the update: I've got some projects to share with you next week when I get back to London and my supplies for my Christmas cards have arrived, so I'll be designing this weekend, and starting production next weekend!

To my Canadian bloggers- Happy Thanksgiving!
To all my bloggers Happy Saturday!

ps- Good luck in your first race tomorrow Mau!

Ciao for now,


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