Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Up cycled mini envelopes!

I decided to try my hand at ‘up cycling’ or recycling…which ever term you prefer to use.

Inspired by a paper shopping bag, I created mini envelopes! I was quite pleased with how they turned out, but my real challenge was making the envelope glue to seal them.


Envelope glue is available commercially, but alas, here in Canada, it’s quite hard to find.  A few internet searches resulted in recipes using vinegar and gelatin.  After two batches that were simply not sticky enough, I swapped the vinegar for water as per a new recipe and it worked! A few drops of peppermint extract made it minty fresh and voila!


I made some mini note cards out of Kraft paper to go with the envelopes, and scored some horizontal lines in them. I like the simple card and flashy lime-green envelope combo.


This set is available in my Etsy store and I’ll be adding some more mini envelope and card sets soon.

I’m working on a few more projects and still trying to get back into a routine.  I’ll be going to Toronto tomorrow night after work to see one of my new favourite bands- Marianas Trench.  Their song “All to myself” caught my attention last year, but I missed their two shows in London.  I finally got to see them perform at the Olympics, and found out they were playing one show in Toronto this week.  I was lucky enough to get a ticket in the 5th row, so I’m pretty stoked about getting some good pictures and practicing my photography skills.  I only wish my photography class started sooner! (another 4 weeks until it starts).

I’ll be sharing pictures once I get back, although not sure they’ll qualify for this week’s You Capture….which is “Quiet” ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Ciao for now,


This is a cool idea!! I can't believe you can make envelope glue out of gelatin and water. Do you mind sharing that link? I would love to be able to do that!

Here's one of the links I used

I can't find the exact link (totally thought I bookmarked it, but didn't) recipe was 4 packs of gelatin (unflavoured) and 2 cups of water; boil, then add your flavouring. Since I had two batches that didn't work, I only had 2 packs of gelatin, so added 1 cup of water and it worked just fine.

Some of the others listed are vinegar instead of water, they may work, but didn't stick as much as I wanted them too.

Let me know how it turns out!

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