Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Phase 1: The De-Clutter

First step in any renovation or makeover is to clean.  De-cluttering.

First up the closet:clutter1

See those boxes on the top shelf?

I have, for some stupid reason hauled the contents of these boxes through at least 3 moves before I arrived at this apartment 3 years ago.

It was time for them to go.




Boxes of boxes? Seriously!  I only kept one, for my work phone.  That’s progress people!








Yes, I know it’s 2009.








20 feet of Cable?

I have wireless.







Ontario used to have 5 years of high school, O.A.C. was “Grade 13”.

I graduated from University 4 years ago.




At least they were organized.






Boxes of photo frames. Mostly holding pictures of people I don’t talk to, or don’t like anymore.






These are the people I do still like.  But, they need to go live somewhere else.







Well, maybe just one can stay.









cluttter12 Bye-Bye clutter!!  (insert incredible comments about the Forester’s cargo capacity without folding down the back seat here)

Happy Wednesday!

Ciao for now,


LOL! I sooo need to do this but I am scaredat what I will find! Good for you for cleaning out!!

The irony is killing me!! I'm doing the same thing this week. I'm actually moving my stamping mess from room to another room and it's looking similar. The fireman calendar reminds me of Chuck & Larry. Thanks for the laughs!

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LOL! Cute guys you got hiding in your closet ;)
I de-cluttered the whole apartment 2 weeks ago - except for 2 closets... I'm afraid that things may attack me, eeek!
... and OME! I didn't realize how big the Forrester is! We're still sloooowly looking around for a car - I'm going to have to suggest this one to DH, I'm going to need the room for groceries (boys eat TOO much!)
TFS :*)

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hahaha, I won't lie, it is scary. I also had to stop myself from sitting there for like 3 hours going through everything and reminiscing. But it feels really good to get rid of all that stuff.

Recent blog post: Phase 1: The De-Clutter

hahahahah Chuck and Larry, I love that movie. I worked in an open office, and never even put that calendar up! what a shame.

Recent blog post: Phase 1: The De-Clutter

oh man, I bow to you Margie- the whole apartment? I"m not that good. lol

Definitely go take a look at the Forester, it's a dream to drive, a wonder to park and it has shopping bag hooks in the back so they don't roll around!! and it passed the IKEA test today ;)

Recent blog post: Phase 1: The De-Clutter

Ooooo! Convince dear ol hubs to�go looking at it on his next day off!
Can't�wait to test drive it ;)
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