Saturday, May 16, 2009

Phase 4: Paint


*my apologies for the messiness of this post. I had to use Blogger instead of my Live Writer and well, this is what happens*
I had every intention on sharing the paint colours with you, but it's a very overcast day here and none of the pictures turned out...the colours don't look true. So I guess you'll have to wait. I can give you their names though:

Green Thumb

Slate Fireplace

Intrigued? you should be :) I must say it looks pretty darn good, I'm just waiting for the first coat of Slate Fireplace to dry before putting the 2nd coat on tonight. If all goes well, I'll be putting up the shelves tomorrow...that will be the hard part.

So, while the paint was drying, I headed out and bought all the stuff I'm going to need to put the room together:

a new level:

screws and plugs:

L brackets and shelves:

and a stud finder {insert raunchy, but always funny joke here}

I also went to the Scrappin Great Deals to look for some storage solutions for my clear stamps. I have them in an accordian file and it's just not working. After a few different options, I settled on these 'sticky sheets' that you can hold in a 3-ring binder. Of course, I donated 8 3-ring binders to Goodwill last weekend. Oh well, Murphy's Law.

Stay tuned, the makeover is 50% done!

Happy Saturday!

Ciao for now,


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