Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A tip for clear stamps

clearstamp1 I love! clear stamps.  Mostly because wooden stamps intimidate me.  I have a hard time keeping them straight, so the clear stamps let me see where I’m stamping. 

I have noticed, however, that a few of my clear stamps don’t pick up ink as well as I would like them too. 

One brand in particular seems to be the culprit.  I’m not going to call them out, because I like that company, and from this tip I’m about to share, it may not be entirely their fault.

I stumbled across this tip, so I apologize in advance for not crediting the blog/writer who originally shared it, it was quite a while ago.  Some of you may already know this, so humour me :)

It seems that clear stamps have a coating on them from production and it is this coating that prevents the stamps from picking up ink. 


Simply use a white eraser on your clear stamps to remove the coating and Voila! the stamp will pick up the ink much better!

clearstamp3I used to waste time using a blender pen, or avoiding using the culprit stamps altogether, but this tip has helped out quite a bit.

Happy Wednesday!

Ciao for now,


Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing!

Perfect! I needed this tip the other day ;)
TFS! Now I can try again!!!

Sorry!, lol! that was my "guest" commet ;)

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That is the best tip ever. I ran across it awhile ago when I was having the same problem. I also found that not tapping your acrylic stamps in ink (in particular smaller ones) just pressing it into the ink one time keeps it from getting blotchy. Or at least that method seemed to work for me the last time I was using my cheapy acrylic stamps.

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no problem Dani! hope it works out for you :)

haha silly Comment Love...You're always my 'guest' Margie!

glad the tip came at the right time for you! :)

Thanks for the added tip Laura!
I find some smaller acrylic stamps work better with Cat's eye ink, they seem to be more 'juicy' than SU inks, I think because the ink pad is more spongy...if that makes any sense at all! lol

Humor me! I did not know this tip! Thanks for sharing!!! Off to get a white eraser!

haha silly Comment Love...You're always my 'guest' Margie!

glad the tip came at the right time for you! :)

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