Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My connection to TCC Pumpkin Petra

Tesa, this one’s for you ;)

So a few weeks ago, I shared a card I made with The Character Cafe’s character Pumpkin Petra.

I also stated that I felt a special connection to Petra because I was once a pumpkin for Halloween; we filled the pumpkin with plastic grocery bags to fill it out….which also caused a ‘swoosh-crinkle-swoosh’ noise when I walked.

My Dad scanned the pic and sent it to me; so here is me as a pumpkin and my sister as a bunny.  Both costumes were made by my Mom, and she made our treat bags as well.















What you don’t see is that we had to put on our winter coats to go out…growing up in Northern Ontario, all Halloween costumes are made to fit a snowsuit underneath, or you wear one on top! (no, we don’t have snow at Halloween, but it’s only about 10 degrees Celsius, so you need a coat).

Happy Tuesday!

Ciao for now,


I love this! So cute! And the fact that you inclued your picture rom way back when made this post even better! So cute!

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I had some time to get out around blog land today and I wanted to take some time to stop by and see what my old CC team mates were up too!!!

How funny that the image on top is a CC image!!!

Once when I was a kid and I am not sure if you guys in Canada are familier with the Characters from Snoopy, but Linus a little boy who always carries his blanket around spends every Halloween in the Pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to show up (sort of like Santa Clause) anyway when I was in 4th grade my mom made me a costume where I was Linus and the Great Pumpkin patch I was inside this flat card board square with orange balloons all around it for the pumpkin patch and then I was dressed like a little boy carrying my blanket.

Anyway your story reminds me off that time!!! Your card is great and I enjoyed seeing your costume as a child!!!!


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hehe, yes, we have Snoopy up here.
That sounds like a great costume! I never had a store bought costume, I loved all our home made ones...total imagination at work!

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Thanks Alison!
My dad gave me some more pictures, I'll be sharing them closer to Halloween. I'd love to see what your little ones will be this Halloween!

Recent blog:=- My connection to TCC Pumpkin Petra

That pic is great Steph! I never had good costumes growing up and so I try to make a point of having my kids be whatever they want (and once I got to be 20, I started making my own LOL) Nothing beats homemade costumes if you ask me :)

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OMG this is too cute!!! Love, love, love your card and wow was you a cutie pie in that suite. You and Petra could be sisters! LOL! Thank you for sharing this! Have the best of days.
Big Hug!

hehe glad you liked it Tesa!

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Thanks Kendra! and yes, Handmade costumes are awesome...my mom made me Daisy Duck one year...I'll need to see if I can find a pic, it was incredible!

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