Thursday, September 24, 2009

Product Review: Shimmerz

Shimmerz are a little hard to find up here in the Great White North.  I had obviously heard about them, but hadn’t tried them before.  I love sparkly things, but always grab my glitter when I need some bling.

I was really excited when Tonya over at Stamp Happens told us part of our DT duties will reviewing products, and one of them is Shimmerz.

I received Lilac Shimmerz a few weeks ago.  Ok, I will say I don’t tend to use a lot of purple in my cards.  I have, on occasion, but it’s not a colour I use a lot.  My Boo Witchy card just happened to be sitting on my table, and I had coloured her with purple hair.












So I shook my Shimmerz and got out a paintbrush.  An put wayyyy too much on the brush.  But after I spread it around, I liked the effect.



















  I still have to be careful how much I put on the brush; I was a little sad I lost some of the depth I had created when I coloured her hair.

The next project I made to specifically use the Lilac Shimmerz, so I used tones of purple and plum; and a very lovely butterfly from my DT Stampin Sistah Donna.  Here’s the before:








And the after- on the light purple parts:











One thing about Shimmerz- they’re hard to photograph.





My Stampin Sistah Sarabeth mentioned using Shimmerz to paint paper flowers…so I tried that, leaving one side white so you could see the difference.


Sorry for the dark picture, but when I tried to fix it, it made the Shimmerz look goopy, and it’s definitely not goopy.

I like the effect it’s added to the flower, and it’s nice to be able to add a colour to the white flower to make them customized to your project; I think it’d be more cost effective to buy the Shimmerz in a variety of colours versus flowers in random colours.  You could do so much more with the Shimmerz for a variety of different projects.

Overall- I like the Shimmerz, and happy I had a chance to play with the Lilac shade.  I do find myself looking to see if I can apply something purple on a project so I can use Shimmerz.

I’ll be ordering some Shimmerz in some more neutral colours (Angel Wings or Buttercream..or maybe Candlelight…).  Want to know where I’m going to get them?

Stamp Happens of course!  Follow the link for the whole store, and HERE’S the link to the Shimmerz page (and if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll always know about the great deals and monthly discount!)

Some of the Stampin Sistah’s are reviewing their shade of Shimmerz and let you know what they thought of the product.

Check ‘em out!

Tonya ~ Julie ~ Beth ~ Jen

Alyssa ~ Deb ~ Donna ~ Gayle ~ Jacquie ~ Leigh-Ann~ Sarabeth 

Ciao for now,


There’s a new Stamp Insanity release tomorrow! There are three new sets that will be available exclusively in the Stamp Happens store on Friday- Halloween Henry, Morgan’s Spell and Morgan’s Love.

So make sure to come back and see what we’ve been working on!




This is AWESOME, Steph! That butterfly is AMAZING! perfect for Shimmerz! Good call painting the flower - totally CASE'ing that idea! I love the lilac witchy hair! Great post!! :)

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Really good review Steph! I love what you did with the butterflies and the witch. That's good to know about losing a little detail when you paint over the Copics.

Wow! Awesome stuff! That purple is so pretty! I think you did a great job, and I really liked reading your review!

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Fantastic review Steph... And the cards are just gorgeous....I LOVE the butterfly one ....well duh! Beautyful!! Can't wait to come back tomorrow! Xx

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Ooh! I hadn't thought of the flower thing! I'm totally gonna have to use that. Thanks for the great review. :)

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