Thursday, September 1, 2011

The envelobox: never fear of adding bows and flowers to your cards again!

When I receive a custom order for a card, or when I’m making them to give away {which is occurring less and less these days} I always have to consider if the cards are going to be mailed.  Not only is the weight important, but also the thickness.  Adding ribbon, bows, flowers and even layers of paper make the cards ‘thick’, which makes it harder to fit in a traditional envelope.  If you’re in Canada, you also know this affects the ‘slot of doom’ and the 2cm mailing rule before having to pay for an oversize stamp. But I digress.

I’ve finally found a solution- the envelobox!  A crafty combination of an envelope and a box, this allows the card to be ‘unsquished’ {yes, that’s a technical term} and won’t compress your embellishments.   The envelobox is made from 65 lb weight cardstock; it won’t prevent your card from being crushed, but your ribbons and flowers shouldn’t be compressed.


The envelobox has approximately 1/4” of space, much more than a traditional envelope.  I’ve often seen the stress on an envelope and worry that it might tear during shipping.  I’m not sure the envelobox can prevent it completely, but I’d guess it’s better.  It reminds me of a CD mailer, actually.



I cut, folded and glued the cardstock and used non-toxic envelope adhesive on the flaps, so they can be sealed like traditional envelopes.

The envelope can fit up to a 4.5” x 4.5” square card, and I plan to add some A2 size envelopes soon.


These envelopes are available in the A Paper Buffet Etsy shop and are sold in the set of 5 you see here. Custom orders are welcome if you prefer all the envelopes in one colour.


Happy Thursday!



these are very cool!  What a great idea! 

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