Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TTIC #20- Italia

Viva Italia!! I'm so excited about this week's Twilighttuesday.com challenge!! The challenge has to do with all thing Italian, as part of the Twilight saga takes place in Italy, and involves the Volturi. The comment portion of the challenge asks:

"... have been to Italy? What did you like best about it? Have you been to Volterra? And what are you hoping the director of New Moon captures about Italy in the movie?"

Yes, I can finally say I've been to Italy. I am half Italian, my mother was born in Valdagno, a small mountain town in the Northern part of Italy close to Venezia (Venice). If you've been following my little blog, you have heard me mention before that we took a month long family vacation in September, spending two weeks in Italy, and the remainder of our two weeks in Austria, Germany and France.

We spent our time in Northern Italy, starting in Rome, then to the Amalfi coast, up to Florence, Pisa, Lucca, over to Vicenza and Valdagno to visit with family and then we finished in Venice. It's incredibly hard to answer which location I loved the best, each city or town presented something new and different and each time we arrived somewhere new I said "this is it, it's my favourite place". The food, the wine, the culture, the music, the men...Mamma Mia! Que bello!

I often find myself muttering under my breath in Italian when angry or frustrated, and recently I caught myself continuely saying "for why?" when asking a question. I realized that I was translating from Italian---'per que?' literally means "for why" in english...funny, eh? One other thing that stands out from my Italian classes is when my Professor, who arrived from Rome just before the semester started, was explaining reflexive verbs to the class. We had some people who were very literal thinkers, and couldn't seem to grasp reflexive verbs without a direct English translation. So the lesson about the verb "piacere" - "to like" became this:

"Tu, mi piace"-- means " you,... I like" {*said like Joey from Friends saying "how you doinnn?"}

You would never actually say this to someone if you did like them, but it soon became the motto for the class. Try it, people will be impressed. :) if nothing else, they will laugh.

Sorry for the sidebar- to continue with the challenge question- No, I have not yet been to Volterra, although I have been in the Tuscany region (Pisa, Lucca) and I imagine it to be quite similar. What am I hoping that New Moon captures while in Italy? I haven't really thought about that, I'm worried about how they're going to make the movie and release it so fast, the details about Italy aren't in the forefront of my worries.

And for the crafty challenge,....I'm bringing you to Italy. Or rather, I'm bringing Italy to you. I have FINALLY found a way to share my videos of my pictures (my friends at twilighttuesday know how much I've whined about this).

So please, pour yourself un vetro di vino (a glass of wine) e corsa in Italia (and travel to Italy)

My first video is of Rome and you can watch it here.

Up next is the Amalfi Coast, including Minori, Capri and Pompeii. You can watch it here.

And last but not least, is a tour through Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Vicenza, Valdagno, and Venice. You can watch it here.

*Instructions* these links are for the instant video. If you see a screen like this:

Click on the Red play button in the middle, not the 'play now' yellow button below.

Make sure to check out twilighttuesday.com and all the other submissions.

Buon Viaggio (have a good trip!) et bouna notte (and good night)

Ciao for now,


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