Friday, January 9, 2009

About Me:

I graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2005, with an Honors B.A. in Kinesiology. I've taken additional courses in Ergonomics and have worked in the Industrial Ergonomic industry and for the past two years have worked in the Insurance sector helping people return to work after illness. I love my 'day job' and am very lucky to have a flexible work from home job, that allows me to travel.

The past few years I've been able to travel quite a bit, both for work and for vacation time. Last year I visited NYC (loved it! came home and asked my boss if we had an office we don't) and San Fransisco. This past September I took a month long trip to Italy, Germany, Austria and France with my family. It was indescribable. Not sure what vacation will bring this year, but I can't wait!

In addition to card making, I love live music (I'm a bit of a concert freak) and movies, reading, hanging out with friends and I'd like to dabble more in photography. I've always been crafty and my friends call me "Martha".

Why I make cards:

I have realized over the past few years, that I look forward to the card when I'm lucky enough to receive a gift. I love that someone took the time to pick a card just for me, and spent a moment or two writing words of celebration, encouragement or wisdom. I have shoeboxes of cards that I've received over the years, I just can't bare to part with them.

I believe that cards are a way of telling someone that you're thinking about them, and there shouldn't have to be a specific occasion to prompt the act of giving. This is why I make cards.

Besides...isn't it nice to receive something in the mail other than bills??


I love your "Oh Shoot" card box!

Thanks Erin- I like it too :)

Thanks Erin- I like it too :)

I love your "Oh Shoot" card box!

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