Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #16-MUSIC!!

Ok, first off, I must apologize for not getting this up yesterday. It was not a good day for me- Physio was quite intense and I spent most of the evening on the couch in pain with my leg up and iced. I was quite disappointed I didn' t have the energy to do this challenge yesterday because I was so excited when I saw that it was all about MUSIC (great choice Dani!)!! As I mentioned last week, music is one of my passions.

The first part of the challenge is the comment portion: What song/music do you think of when you think about Twilight? Is there a song that just screams ‘Twilight!’ to you? Why?

I have to admit that the comment part stumped me a bit. I
love the Twilight soundtrack, and I listen to Stephanie Meyer's playlist for each book a lot! But that all seemed too obvious for me- they clearly had an integral part in creating the story, but I was looking for something else. Since my surgery I've had trouble sleeping; lately I've been falling asleep to music, it just seems to pass the time a bit faster waiting for sleep to come. Last night I was listening to my 'sleep' playlist trying to figure out if anything screamed "Twilight" to me. I found a few that could relate, really any song about love could work. But then it hit me, 4 songs in was Beyonce's version of Ave Maria. I've loaded a playlist with this song because I think you need to hear it. It's a beatiful version and what gets me is the lyrics

"...I know the cost of losing Him...
I found my heaven on
You are my last, my first/
And then I hear this voice inside...

I've been alone/
when I'm surrounded by friends/
How could the silence be so loud?/
But I still go home/
Knowing that' I've got you/
there's only us when the lights go down

You are my heaven on earth/
You are my hunger, my thirst/
I always hear this voice inside...

This to me screams! Bella in New Moon.

I must've drifted off to sleep, but then I woke up to INXS "Never Tear Us Apart". I'm not sure why I woke up but I thought
"This is it. It's Edward's song to Bella".

"I was standing/
You were there/
Two worlds collided/
And they can never tear us apart"

It's in the playlist as well, I'm sure you know it, but it's such a great song.

Now for the Artistic Component:

I mentioned last week I LOVE concerts and live music. I have a special binder with pages that hold concert tickets. Most of my tickets are in there, except for the few that are framed on my wall, or *sigh* my Rolling Stones ticket which I lost :(

I got a Starbucks tumbler for Christmas 2 years ago from my cousin, and it has an insert that lets you put your pictures in it. I still hadn't done anything with it, so I thought this was perfect.

I scanned a bunch of my concert tickets and printed them out in colour (I couldn't possibly cut them or risk them getting ruined, so I needed a photocopy). And now, here is my new Concert Cup :)
Make sure you check out everyone else's submission and play along!

Ciao for now,


WOW! What a great idea!! I have been meaning to pick up one of these cups and here is a great idea for it.
TFS!!! :)

Brilliant idea! Love it!
I've always wondered what to do with one of those ;) TFS!

What a great idea to do with those!
If you google Midnight Sun Playlist it comes up on SM web site.

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