Friday, April 3, 2009

Foto Friday #12- Goodbye Ms. Money Penny; Hello…Scooby-doo?

This weekend is my last weekend with my Mazda 3, who I’ve named Ms. Money Penny.  She’s sleek, silver, and highly underestimated.  IMG_1210-vi

This was the day I brought her home.  Oh the things we have been through in the past 4 years!

There have been good times and bad. 


DSC00042 The good times: road trips to concerts, going up to Blue Mountain to go snow boarding; numerous trips home to see my family and friends; and general cruising around with the sun roof open and the music blaring.

The bad times: Crossing the centre line in a blizzard (with snow tires of course and going very slowly—seriously, no snow fences in farm country? the white outs are killer) and ending up in a ditch almost flipping over (hit  a 42 degree angle before coming back down) and all that you suffered was some minor front bumper damage and straw that was in the grill for weeks.  The guys at the dealership were so happy they fixed you with some hot water, a heat gun and only one fender clip.

Being re-ended 3 times (all NOT my fault)

Hit #1) very impatient woman driving with an infant in the WRONG car seat, who’s husband offered to get some “colour match paint and BONDO” to fix you….so we took them to court

Hit #2) hit and run somewhere in SW Ontario with no suspects

Hit #3) rear ended at a red light 2 weeks after my leg surgery…I was going to Michaels to get ribbon for my Christmas cards

Poor rear bumper…painted 3 times, but never cracked or needed to be replaced.

The incident with a 70 yr old man from Wisconsin WHO BACKED RIGHT INTO YOUR DRIVERS’ SIDE DOOR car-damagewhen you was parked in a LEGAL parking spot, under a street light ; he thought there was something dragging under the car, so he JUST KEPT GOING? to shake it lose.  So we called the police and he made the female officer very mad….so we laughed and let him dig himself a deeper hole  (his wife told me I was young enough to climb into the car from the back seat, so I shouldn’t worry too much).

Ahh, Ms. Money Penny you have been good to me.  If it were not for your lack of AWD, I would be going out to get Ms. Money Penny the sequel…but alas, my driving needs have changed and so, I’m moving on up.  Up a bit higher on the road, and a bit bigger, with AWD to hopefully avoid any future run ins with blizzards and ditches and such.

And so, I say “Goodbye” to Ms. Money Penny, and wipe away a tear.

Then I say “Hello!” to my new car; I introduce you to her now, to be picked up and brought home early Monday morning:


The 2009 Subaru Forester, Touring Edition, in Satin Pearl White (mine isn’t the turbo as pictured, but this is the only stock photo in white).

I was told by a dear friend that the Subaru’s nickname is Scooby-doo….but I think we can do better, don’t you?

Any thoughts?

Happy Friday!

Ciao for now,


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