Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Seal, and the Easter Bunny go to a Wedding and say Thank you?

Bet I caught your attention with that title, eh??

Before you have me committed, I couldn’t think of another way to highlight everything that’s in this post.  And even though it’s Tuesday…there’s no TwilightTuesday.com challenge entry.  Sorry kids, life is just too busy.  The only reason that I found the strength to make what I did tonight was out of sheer necessity.

First up, a Seal Concert recap. DSC07793 In a word: fantastic.  He was incredible, and what a talented artist.  One song after another, taking some time to chat up the crowd and tell a few jokes.  The range of this man’s voice is awesome.  Both my sister and I realized there were so many songs we didn’t know, but were happy to hear almost the entire Soul album.


                                                                                                                                           I told you I’m a sucker for a guy with a guitar…



And you know how DSC07822there’s always one memorable person in the crowd at a concert                                                                                                                                                                                                 ….well here she is!  ------>


There were 3 empty seats in the front row, and Seal said it made him nervous, so the British gentleman he is, he invited 3 staff members to come and sit and enjoy the show.  Unfortunately they had to decline, but this woman was quick to run up to the front and grab a seat.  She was in her own little world and for a little while, I was afraid she would either 1) Jump on stage with Seal or 2) pull him OFF the stage.  She did neither  and Seal was a great sport about it.

Sunday my sister and I did visit the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum), but I’m saving those pictures for a Foto Friday, so you’ll have to wait for those.

I want to send a thank you card to the Subaru Sales Rep who helped me with my car (it is here and it is fantastic!); Kind thanks1 he was so helpful, not pushy at all, and even remembered what radio station I listened to on my test drive and had it programmed in my car when I came to pick it up!  I was looking through my cards and realized all my thank you cards were too feminine, so I put one together using this past weeks Taylored Expressions sketch layout.  I had to stop myself from adding ribbon and flowers all over it, that would defeat the whole point! lol

menu card

My friend L asked me to make her menu cards for her October wedding.  Here’s  my first prototype,  and I’m not sure if I’ll continue with this design.  Her colours are silver, black and white, but I feel like I need to dress this up some more…any ideas?




I will be printing the menu on the computer, I just hand wrote Menu to fill up the space.  Both L and her fiancee are Italian, so I thought maybe this lyric would be cute on the menu cardmenucard2I made a tiny ribbon rose but again, I’m just not feeling it.

One more thing to share, now that they’ve arrived safely to their recipient.  I sent these Easter Bunny mini 4x4 cards to Lorrie Veasey as a thank you for giving me the pink elephant (check this post for the whole story).



That’s it for me folks, I likely won’t be posting until Friday,  tomorrow I’ll be on the road all day long, and Thursday I’m heading home to my parents for Easter (another 6 hour drive).

Happy Tuesday!

Ciao for now,




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