Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tutorial- Envelopes for oversize cards

After I posted my progress on my custom order yesterday (see previous post), Tonya asked how I was going to make the envelopes, so I thought I’d share.

I made these ones differently than my 3x3 envies, but you could use that method and just increase the size.

The cards when finished were 8”x8”;  I used MS paper which is 18”x18”.  Because I can’t cut a straight line to save my life, and my paper cutter can only accommodate up to 14” paper, I folded the 18”x18” paper in half and then cut my 8”x8” card. 

Which means I had a 9”x9” piece left, for each card.  Capish?

Forgive me with the pictures,  I started snapping pics when I had already finished one step.

1) Cut away 1/4 to 1/2 inch from each side on ONE side of the paper.  This part will become the back of the envelope; you’re doing this so the tabs that you make on the front of the envelope are on the inside the envelope looks seamless. 

In my picture (you’re looking at the inside of the envie), the top half above the fold is the front of the envie, below the fold is the back.  The paper below the fold is now 8.5” wide and the part above the fold is still the original 9” wide.


2) I fold up the bottom part, and use my bone folder to score along the edges so the tabs will fold nicely and inline with my bottom piece. 


3) Because this paper was 9x9 to start with, I used the burgundy card stock from the card to make the flap of the envelope.  If you have a long enough piece of paper for your envelope, just score another fold 3” from the top to make the flap. 

Still with me?

4) Fold the side tabs over, but DO NOT GLUE to the front of the envelope.  These will be glued to the back of the envelope only, so it can expand when you put the card in.  Yes, I’ve learned the hard way.

5) Fold the bottom to the top and glue to the tabs.

If you want the envelope to tie with a ribbon, follow the next steps.  The other option is to use an Xacto knife and cut a small slit to tuck the flap in to seal the envelope.

6) Use your Big Bite orDSC08158 Cropodile and punch a hole in the BACK of the envelope.  I like doing this part when the envelope is all together because you can judge where the hole should be.

You want the hole below were the flap is going to be so that the ribbon will tie flat, but not too far down that it will be hard to thread the ribbon through the INSIDE.

DSC08159 7) Insert Eyelet








8) Thread ribbon through the inside and glue to the flap; I used ribbon glue here, it’s still wet, but it will dry clear.  Tombo runner adhesive also does well for this.




9) Tie ribbon to close flap and ‘seal’ envelope.





DSC08163Add label to the front of the envelope (and decorate if you want) and voila!  Handmade envies for oversize cards.

I think you can use this method for any size, just make sure you have 3-4” for the flap, and use paper at least 1/2” – 1” wider than your card.

If all of this is clear as mud, email me at “apaperbuffet@rogers.com” and I can explain it again:)

I’m going to a concert tonight in Toronto and will be back tomorrow, and I promise! I will be playing in the Twilighttuesday.com challenge, I have a million cards to make for all the summer birthdays, etc.

Happy Tuesday,

Ciao for now,


Cool! I'll definitely give this a try! Thanks for your hard work and time!!! And I KNOW it takes time and energy to make these instructions!!

Your custom cards are beautiful!! Makes me want to get married again and tell everyone to get my cards from you. :)

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Thanks Tonya!
lol, it's a bit hard to put into words right? If I was actually smart, I'd make a video...but then I'd hear my voice on tape LOL

Recent blog post: Tutorial- Envelopes for oversize cards

Sara! thank you so much, that's a huge compliment!

you can tell your friends I make anniversary and birthday cards ;) LOL

Recent blog post: Tutorial- Envelopes for oversize cards

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