Friday, March 20, 2009

Foto Friday # 10 : Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany

Here’s my tribute to St. Patty’s day…Munich style.  I didn’t get to have a green beer this year, but I did have some great beer while in Germany in September.

Hofbrauhaus is a very famous German beer hall and brewery.  I had been to a beer garden on my first trip to Germany when I was 16, and couldn’t wait to go back.  I dragged my parents there, but in the end, they loved it.   It was also hopping because it was two days before Oktoberfest.  And much to my dismay…we were leaving for Berlin the day before the opening of the famous fest.  I tried so hard to get our travel plans changed, but they were already set.  My mother kept asking me why I wanted to experience Oktoberfest so much (seriously?)…but after eating (and drinking) at the Hofbrauhaus, and seeing all the preparations in the city, she was a little sad we were leaving too, I could see it in her eyes. Next time…


Here’s one of the other breweries bringing beer in by horse drawn carriage, getting ready for Oktoberfest


But, the reason for this post was to share the Hofbrauhaus, so here is the beer I ordered.  Ein Mass:


I know what you’re thinking…nothing special. Another glass of beer….but it is called “ein Mass” for a reason:


It takes two hands to hold it!  Ein Mass is 1 Litre of beer.  It is the best darn beer I’ve ever had.  They don’t distribute in Canada, unfortunately.

The best part of the Hofbrauhaus (besides the beer) is when the Bavarian music starts to play by the live band.  It’s an incredible (and touristy-cheesy) experience, but when in Rome…err I mean Munich!





mmmmmm, Beer







I brought home a t-shirt and a mini beer stein for my Table of Travels (that will make a post eventually, and it’ll make more sense).  I wish I could’ve brought home the beer. 

Happy Friday!



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