Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TTIC#21- Renee

Another Tuesday and another TwilightTuesday.com inspiration challenge. I wasn't sure if I was going to join in today, not because I didn't like the topic, because I do, but I'm still without my primary computer and basically, I'm sulking.

But after looking at the design team's submissions,( and was particularly inspired by Eve's card) I had an idea and threw caution to the wind. So again, I apologize for the dark photos, because I'm still without my preferred photo editing program. I also decided to use the most difficult medium to photograph- acetate.

On to the challenge- this week's topic, picked by the lovely Margie and it is all about Renee, Bella's mother.

Comment Portion: What do you care most about the “Mommy(s)” in your life (Moms, Sisters, Daughters, etc.) and/or do you have a similar relationship to someone like Bella and her Mom’s relationship?

My Ma (she's Italian, that's what I call her) is one of my best friends. My Ma has many of the same interests I do, or perhaps I inherited her interests and that's why we get along so well. She has a love for theatre and exposed us to live theatre very early on in our lives and is something I still appreciate today. Music and movies are our passions; and so are cars ;) ...we were just oogling the new Mazda 3 as I'll be car hunting this weekend, and we spent a whole weekend last year at the car show.

I can look back and say I've always had a great relationship with my Ma, I don't ever remember being embarrassed to 'hang out' with her and still jump at the chance to spend time with her now that I live 6 hours away. We took a trip to NYC 2 summers ago, and we had our moments of disagreements, but are planning another trip to Boston (home of Boston Legal and Ally McBeal, two TV shows we love,) next year.

We chat about nothing and everything on the phone (she called as I was writing this telling me she's selling my cross country skis that have been in the basement of her house for years). She's incredibly caring and thoughtful and always ready to lend a hand.

So,...no, my Ma and I have a very different relationship from Renee and Bella.

On to the crafty portion:

Craft Portion: Create a Twilight project dedicate to “The Mom” in your life!

I made this card with more of Renee and Bella in mind than myself and my mom... but I think it fits both Renee and my Ma for similar reasons.

Bella holds off on accepting Edward's proposal mostly because of the opinion Renee has about marriage, and especially marriage at a young age. And yet, when Bella finally accepts his proposal and tells Renee, she's incredibly happy and basically says 'it's about time!". Renee admits that her views on marriage are a bit skewed, but knows that Edward and Bella belong together and that it is right. I think the sentiment (a Unity stamp I bought months and months ago and never inked *embarassed*) is perfect "Live the life you love". Renee knows that Bella is living the life she loves because she's living her life with Edward. I picture this as a wedding card Renee gives to Bella.

My ma has always encouraged us to do what we love and so I think this card fits her too.

Now, I will warn you, I'm not super thrilled with how this turned out, but I see the potential, I just need to fiddle and perfect my process.

SO! if anyone out there has tips for working and stamping on acetate, let me have them!!

Make sure you check out TwilightTuesday.com and admire everyone else's lovely submissions.

Happy Tuesday!

Ciao for now,


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