Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rant: Chivalry is dead

While hauling my giant, cumbersome and heavy Dell tower back to the computer doctors to rid it of this virus once and for all, I realized, chivalry is dead, gone and buried.

I put my CPU into a clothes basket, giving me handles and allowing me to balance the load and lift properly- I am an Ergonomist after all. Following proper lift and carry techniques, I took the elevator to the main floor of my building where I met the maintenance man who was washing the windows on the front door. He turned, looked at me and did nothing. He did not offer to open the very heavy security door with the most annoying lever latch ever invented and help me out the 2nd set of equally as heavy security doors. I scowled and gave him the evil eye as I pushed the doors open with my back.

Arriving at the computer doctor's was no better. Two Sales staff were meandering in front of the Service counter, watching me through the glass store front balancing the CPU on my arms while trying to close the trunk of my car. Both of them stood and watched as I tried to hit the automatic door button with my knee. As I walked up to the counter glaring, they scattered, saying only "Someone from Service will be with you in a second". Yeah. Thanks.

Open the door for a lady gentlemen! You might even be rewarded for it one day.


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