Friday, March 27, 2009

Foto Friday # 11- a Calgary Thunderstorm


I know I may say that every week, but today I really mean it…and you can tell because usually this post is up at 8am, but I didn’t even have time to write it earlier in the week and schedule it!

I was looking through my photos and found these from my trip out west last summer.  Alberta is famous for thunderstorms, they move in VERY quickly.

Although I LOVE thunderstorms, I was out there for 5 days, and witnessed 3 storms.  The first day I got there I had to drive through one,  on the way to a meeting…that wasn’t so much fun.  The second one I experienced from my hotel window, which is where these pics are from.  I had just returned from an evening of exploring the Foothills, and got back just in time!  (The 3rd storm I had to drive through again, on my way to Banff, that one was scary!)

So, here we go:

These first two, there’s a reflection of the lights from the hotel room, but I wanted you to see how light it still was at this point:


This is 2 minutes later:


another minute or so later:


Can you see the thunderhead clouds?

I was able to catch some lightning strikes on video, then took the still pics from the video, so it’s a bit grainy:




Happy Friday!!

Ciao for now,


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