Friday, March 6, 2009

Foto Friday #8- Alberta Rocky Mountains

The forecast is calling for spring like weather (16 degrees Celsius) and the inevitable London rain. I thought I would share some sunny summer pictures I took last year when I went out to Alberta. I was in Calgary for work and was able to spend the weekend in Banff on my own time (and dime, don't worry ;). I've been to the West Coast many times as I have family there, but it was my first time in Alberta.

I took a "Mountain and Lake Tour"; it was supposed to be an all day 8 hour tour through Banff National park, and into the British Columbia interior. It turned into a 12 hour tour through Banff National Park and the British Columbia interior.

At our first stop, a very unfortunate woman who did not listen to which trail our driver told us to take to hike up to the waterfall, fell and broke her leg.

A few hours later at Morraine Lake, our bus' transmission decided to fail and we coasted down the mountain 14 kms to Lake Louise to await our new bus.

I also experienced my first 'switchback'in a Greyhound bus, on the edge of a mountain, a good 200ft above a gorge, with some teeny tiny guardrails. Nice.

All in all, it was a fantastic tour and I loved every minute of it (well, maybe not when the bus was breaking down). I highly recommend every Canadian to experience the beauty of our country in Alberta and British Columbia, and encourage everyone around the world to come a take a peek at our landscape.

Here are some of my favourites, which are blown up and framed in my office, to remind me that I have a fantastic job for which I am able to travel and visit places I may not have been able to visit on my own.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Morraine Lake, Alberta

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Banff, Alberta (from the gondola)

The camera cannot capture what it is like to see this with your very own eyes, I hope you all have a chance to visit these places one day; I'm determined to get back there myself.

Happy Friday!

Ciao for now,


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