Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do you know Roy G. Biv?: TTIC 23 and a belated birthday card for Bella (TTIC22)



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



I wasn’t sure if I would make today’s challenge, but I had a “good luck” stamp that needed to be inked, so here I am!  I actually combined two challenges for this card,  the TwilightTuesday.com challenge: to incorporate St. Patty’s Day and the Cullens.  Also, this week’s theme on Thursdaysweettreats is “Vibrant Chaotic Rainbows”, which I suspect may have been picked to coincide with St. Patty’s day.  I was trying to figure out how to incorporate a rainbow into a card and I remembered Mr. Roy G. Biv.  Do you know him?  I first heard about Mr. Roy G. Biv in grade school, and again in high school physics….ringing any bells?

Roy G. Biv is a way to remember the spectrum of light, or basically, the colours of the rainbow!



Y- Yellow

G- Green




I cut out some circles of all the above colours and then stacked them according to size and colour:

DSC07697 DSC07698

cut them in half…


and ta-da!!!! Rainbows! clever, eh?

So I had my rainbow, now I needed some luck o the Irish.  I found a good luck stamp, embossed the words, coloured in the lettering with SU Certainly Celery, added some sparkle to the shamrock and here it is:



On the inside I used a heart stamp to make a shamrock.

The comment portion asks how we celebrate St. Patty’s Day.  Well, I’m half Italian and then Polish/Ukrainian, so there’s no Irish in these bones.  St. Patty’s day was a big deal in University, but lately, it’s just another day.  I think it’s great to go out and have a green beer, but it’s more about spending time with your friends.  The past few years it’s been very inconvenient on a weekday to go out.  I was on the road today and have to travel early tomorrow morning, so no shenanigans for me tonight.

Now, for Bella’s belated birthday card, last week’s TwilightTuesday.com challenge.  I’m really happy how this one came out.  I knew immediately what stamp I wanted to use, but I had to split up the sentiment and I couldn’t figure out how it would work it onto a card.  I should’ve known my favourite card design EVAR would be the one to work- a double diagonal pocket card!

This card is for Bella from Emmett.  Emmett, you say? YES! Emmett.  I really liked Emmett after Breaking Dawn and really wish we knew more about him…then I read the yet-to-be-finished ‘Midnight Sun’ and fell in love with Emmett.  I would like Emmett to be my big brother.  He cracks me up but you can tell there’s more too him than teasing and joking around, he really cares for the people he loves.  So here is his card for Bella.


I used some SU paper and my SU stamps, all from Sale-a-bration.  We know that Bella hates the fact that she’s now older than Edward, so Emmett had to get a little cut in, “Congratulations….”


but then…


say it with me now…. "Awwwwwwwwwwwww”  See!! Emmett can be sweet!!

Both tags have a little flower on them, from a rub-on kit, the flowers are clear adhesive and then you sprinkle glitter on them, I used MS Aquamarine glitter. 


That’s it for me!

Make sure to check out TwilightTuesday.com for the other entries, and a scavenger hunt too!

And remember to check out Thursdaysweettreats on Thursday to see Vibrant Chaotic Rainbows:)

Ciao for now,


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